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Slide 30 - Sailing higher res copy 2
Reed boat - afloat
Abu hyder and Rashad on Guffa in Kishla old Baghdad- Photo copy
Students help with Mudhif column installation copy
DSC_0569 copy
Rowing Delil barge on the Euphrates at Hit - copyright Rashad Salim 2019
Reviving the ancient crafts of Iraq
Our art and design projects honour the Mesopotamian craft tradition as part of Iraq's cultural heritage.
Re-imagining the Ark
River journeys, recovering lost boats, and creating a floating museum...
Major Projects
Rashad Salim with Guffa coracles before
2004_130_38295_1 cropped.jpg


Safina Projects
7 Empress Mews
Kenbury Street
London SE5 9BT
+44 (0) 7905 214 487

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