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Whether as a crew member, collaborator, or supporter, we invite you to be part of this journey. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in this work and the issues it raises. In particular we are looking to connect with:

  • Anthropologists with relevant expertise in documenting traditional technologies and their contexts of use;

  • Architects to collaborate on digital visualisations of the Ark Re-imagined and related technologies;

  • Designers who are interested in working with craftspeople in Iraq, developing new products and helping bring these crafts to new markets;

  • Development initiatives associated with cultural heritage and rural development; also those concerned with gender issues (as craftspeople we are working with include marginalised women);

  • Film-makers and photographers interested in documenting craft traditions;

  • Members of Iraqi diaspora communities who are keen to help Iraqis globally reconnect with their cultural heritage.


For further information about our work to date and future plans, please get in touch by email:, visit our project pages or download our project presentation here.

Additional information can be found at:

Culturunners: Ark Re-imagined

Ruya Foundation: Reviving Iraq’s Ancient Crafts – an interview with the artist Rashad Salim

Rashad Salim facebook page

“Just like the Ark Re-imagined itself, our project is not a monolithic structure but a gathering of knowledge and crafts, with a growing number of engaged individuals, organisations and institutions who bring to bear a wide range of skills and perspectives.” 

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Rashad Salim 
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